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Metroid preview channel lighting up PAL Wiis


PAL gamers-- welcome to 2007! Oh, that doesn't work, because it implies that it's later than 2007 here and just now 2007 where you are. Okay, let's back out and start again.

PAL gamers-- welcome to August of 2007! There we go-- burn. Of course we're kidding, and it's all done with love for our Fanboy friends in Euroland. The point is that the Metroid Prime 3 preview channel is now available in your region. Chances are you've already watched all of the videos featured on the channel, unless you've been avoiding spoilers. But now you can watch them on your Wii via a somewhat different interface!

Much like Super Metroid, just because you're getting it a bit later doesn't mean it's not awesome. Go enjoy some videos!

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