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PTR character copier appears broken

Eric Vice

During a spirited conversation with someone over the number of public test realms (that was rather reminiscent of the "I See Four Lights!" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation), I decided to download the newest PTR client and take a look. At first I made a (new) gnome rogue and then quickly decided "to hell with this level one crap" and ran off to the character copy page to copy one of my Gnomeregan characters or maybe copy a premade character. My hopes were dashed as I discovered that somehow the character copier was broken. The video just handed to me (and linked above) by a trusted Blizzard source may provide illumination on what has transpired. (Humor intended.)

Blizzard poster Hortus informs us that they are aware of character copying issues and that the problem is being investigated. We have also received private assurances from our anonymous source that the platen glass in the PTR character copier will be reinforced to accommodate Taurens and other more "rubenesque" characters.

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