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Sony's newest PS3 model: PS3 Chocolate

Chris Powell

It seems as if Sony has yet another low-budget PS3 model in the works - only this time it's made completely of chocolate. Sony unveiled a stack of 150 PS3s along with a giant Sixaxis controller during Eurochocolate in Perugia, Italy recently. Eurochocolate is an annual nine-day event for chocolate connoisseurs the world over, and features food tasting, competitions and all sorts of other stuff people like to do with chocolate.

However, the revelry quickly turned to shock when, after the unveiling, several people, who we assume were riotous Xbox 360 fanboys, rushed the stage and trampled Sony's hard work. Due to this diabolical act of terrorism, attendees were treated with free chocolate PS3s.

Reports from people on scene claim the PS3 Chocolate disappointingly lacked the internals to support backwards compatibility like Sony's other new system.

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