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Capcom announces Lost Planet for PS3


After moving Monster Hunter 3 from a PS3 exclusive to a Wii exclusive, many Sony fans were quite enraged. So much so that 31% of you are no longer interested in Capcom's products. That's some serious fallout! After days of teasing PS3 fans with the potential of "good news," Games Radar reports that Capcom will be bringing a port of Lost Planet to the PS3.

Lost Planet, originally released on Xbox 360 and PC, has players running and gunning on a frozen ice planet. Players will jump into various mecha to fight the insect swarm that's devastating the planet. The PS3 version will include all downloadable content on the Blu-ray disc, making it the definitive version of the game. 16 player online support via PSN is also confirmed.

This isn't the end of the Capcom announcements -- more are expected later this week. But, in light of today's announcement, how do you feel about Capcom now?

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