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Clearwire releases first pre-WiMAX PC card for laptops


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The latest saviour of wireless broadband is at hand. Clearwire is finally shedding those clunky external modems, and is launching its very first pre-WiMAX data card to bring what it deems "True Broadband" to laptops. The PC card uses Motorola's pre-WiMAX OFDM tech, and doesn't require any extra power sources beyond your laptop's own precious juice. If you're luckily enough to be living in some random part of Clearwire's primarily-podunk US coverage area, you can be getting some 1.5Mbps wireless internets for $59.99 a month, plus a $6.99 a month fee to lease the PC card. You can buy the card straight up for $230, but that seems a bit excessive given the "pre" nature of the thing at the moment.w

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