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Lost Planet finds its way to PlayStation 3 in '08

After initially speculating that their frozen shooter Lost Planet could come to PS3, then stating (quite unequivocally) that neither Lost Planet nor Dead Rising would find their way to the Wii or PS3 (for reasons which, at that point, were apparently "quite convoluted"), Capcom has announced at their London Gamer's Day event that Lost Planet will indeed be on PS3 "early next year." A wise choice, considering the Xbox 360 shooter did quite well in North America but didn't make a dent in Japan (... we wonder why).

Games Radar says the PS3 package will sport 16-player online over PSN, as well as include "all bonus characters" from the PC version and "extra downloadable content" from the 360 version (apparently "made possible" by the platform's capacious Blu-ray format).

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