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Rat Race brings episodic comedy to PSN

Dan Dormer

No, no, no. We're not talking about the god awful Jerry Zucker film, so stop thinking about Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Whoopi Goldberg right now. The Rat Race we're talking about involves Super-Ego Studios, PlayStation Network, and episodic content. Just announced over at the PlayStation.Blog by Greg Easley, co-founder of Super-Ego Studios, the game "is a PS3-exclusive comedy/adventure game ... that will be available as individual episodes on PSN beginning this winter."

According to the post, the premise reads as if someone thought turning an amalgamation of The Office (British, American, French, or German – take your pick), Dilbert, Office Space, and [insert name of satirical parody of cubical chicanery here] would make for a knee slappin' gaming experience. Easley doesn't deny this, almost confirming its spoofing on the aforementioned works by stating the goal with Rat Race "is to give you the feeling of 'playing' inside an episode of your favorite TV show."

While this definitely diversifies Sony's content, trying to launch comedic gaming via an episodic format in a country where Two and a Half Men is what passes for television's highest rated "comedy" seems rather ... misguided. However, the video on Super-Ego's main page clues us into what the appeal will be: LCD (lowest common denominator). Breast reduction! An extramarital affair with a co-worker's wife! Please, no more, our sides are done "banana'd split."

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