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Thomson leaves consumer electronics altogether

Evan Blass

It's a sad day indeed for Thomson fanboys worldwide, as the storied French corporation has announced plans to exit the consumer electronics industry altogether in an effort to refocus its resources on B2B digital video services. Following completion of the sale of its remaining non-European AV businesses to Audiovox on December 31st (which, as you'll recall, already bought the RCA brand and accessories division), Thomson will no longer have a presence on domestic or foreign retail shelves, and will also be short €30 million ($42.5 million) as a result of yesterday's announcement to shutter its AVA Europe operations. So here's to you, Thomson: we can't honestly say that we ever got into any of your various products, but as with any other departing member of our loving CE family, you'll be missed.

Update: After speaking with a Thomson rep, it seems inaccurate to state that the company is getting out of consumer electronics altogether, when in fact they do continue to sell home telephones. Therefore, please note that this is just an exit from the company's various A / V businesses.

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