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Trolltech sells its last Greenphone, recommends Neo1973

Chris Ziegler

Seeing the quirky, totally open Greenphone exit stage left brings a tear to our eye, we admit, but at least the torch to a promising successor. Trolltech -- maker of the Greenphone and the Linux-based Qtopia platform it runs -- has announced that they've sold clean out of the handsets having accomplished its reason for existence: hyping Qtopia itself. Trolltech readily admits that it's a software company, and now that Qtopia's out there in developers' hands (and possibly now with a strong ally in Motorola), it returns to its software roots and points in the direction of OpenMoko's up-and-coming Neo1973 open source phone for future devs looking to follow in the Greenphone's footsteps. Of course, the consumer version of the Neo isn't out just yet, but Trolltech says it hopes to be making announcements about support for additional devices in the near future -- so any way you slice it, the spirit of the Greenphone plods happily on.

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