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I-O Data's WN-G54/R4 WiFi router lets your handheld bypass security

Darren Murph

There's just nothing more enraging (okay, so maybe there is, but that's beside the point) than getting your shiny new DS Lite / PSP slim home and realizing that your router's security settings are so far into the realm of overkill that your handheld will simply never make it through to the intarweb. Thankfully, I-O Data is offering up a new wireless router that provides an alternative to just deactivating your security measures altogether. The WN-G54/R4 supports 10/100BASE-T wired connections and 802.11b/g on the wireless frontier, and it stands out from the others by including a Quick Start Game button that enables a "dual configuration" setup. In essence, this feature allows your portable gizmo of choice to quickly bypass the red tape while everything else connected to your network remains locked down. If this sounds like just the solution you've been scouting, you can snag one now for ¥8,400 ($73).

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