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Flickr Find: Star Trek etched MacBooks and iPods

Scott McNulty

If the fact that I write for an Apple related blog isn't enough to prove that I am a gigantic nerd, I also happen to like Star Trek. That's why I am always thrilled when I can write about both Apple products and Star Trek in the same post. Today's opportunity comes to TUAW via's Flickrstream. You might be aware that there is a small, but growing, industry that, using lasers, will etch various designs onto your MacBook, iPod, or iPhone. etchstar is the latest business to offer this service (it looks like they are launching on November 1st).

etchstar's Flickrstream is chock-a-block with Apple products decorated with a number of Star Trek themed designs, amongst other things. There's a Starfleet Command MacBook Pro, an Enterprise MacBook (seen above), an Enterprise A iPod, a Star Trek logo iPod, a Klingon Empire iPod, and a very cool nano or two.

I wonder how much it would cost to get the Enterprise on my iPhone. How sweet would that be?

[via MAKE]

Update: My geek cred is in question! I wrongly identified the Enterprise above as the Enterprise A. Clearly, it is just the plain old Enterprise (from the Original Series). I blame the Borg for the mistake.

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