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Sony selling the ATI TV Wonder CableCARD tuner all by its lonesome

Nilay Patel

Although Vista Media Center supports up to four CableCARDs, we haven't actually seen the required ATI TV Wonder breakout box for sale by itself yet -- it usually only comes bundled with a CableLABS-certified Vista Media Center PC. (In fact, from what we hear, OEMs are strictly forbidden from selling them without a PC.) It looks like Sony's ready to bust these things loose, however, because is now selling them as the "VAIO Digital TV Tuner" for $299. You'll still need that Vista Media Center PC with the required special firmware to make it work, but those of you itching to add more tuners to your rig -- or just hack away at these things -- might finally be able to make it happen. Just don't blame us of CableLABS's locks prevent you from properly capturing all those delicious high def MPEG-2 streams.

[Thanks, William]

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