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WM6 upgrade official for Samsung i600; BlackJack version imminent?

Chris Ziegler

The whole Windows Mobile 6 upgrade issue for Samsung's BlackJack is a little murky at the moment seeing how the BlackJack2 just got announced (come on, you just know AT&T would love to use Windows Mobile 6 as a selling point on the new model), but we're cautiously encouraged here. The i600, the BlackJack's European cousin, has just been blessed with an official WM6 ROM -- which, coincidentally, we're hoping looks nothing like the WM5 screen shots in Samsung's promo pic. So yeah, go grab it if you're lucky enough to be on an i600; meanwhile, adventurous i607 types can keep skulking around for an unofficial upgrade until AT&T gets its act together.

[Via MoDaCo]

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