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iPhone coming to Australia on Telstra?

Nilay Patel

With France, Germany, and the UK already locked down and the Rogers deal in Canada starting to feel inevitable, iPhone carrier rumors are starting to come in from farther and farther afield -- the latest based on comments from Sol Trujillo, CEO of Australia's Telstra. Although Telstra officials had previously suggested that Apple "stick to their knitting" (really!), Trujillo was a little more conciliatory this time around, saying that Telstra and Apple had engaged in talks about the device and that Telstra was "interested and exploring that option." Trujillo didn't address any details, of course, but he did drop this juicy tidbit for all you iPhone hatas in the crowd: "Almost every supplier has big plans in the next six to 12 months with their version of an iPhone in response." Let the countdown begin!

[Thanks, Ashish]

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