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Latest MP4 wristwatch sports an FM transmitter, too

Darren Murph

We're all but convinced that nobody actually wears these video-playing watches out in public, but just in case there's some otherworldly group out there that takes pride in adorning their wrists with timepieces that are utterly heinous, you're in luck. This iteration sports a 1.8-inch 160 x 128 resolution OLED display, integrated media player that handles MP3, WMA and MP4 files, a built-in Li-ion, 4GB of internal memory, voice recording capability, USB 2.0 connectivity and an FM transmitter for good measure. All this can be yours for the above average price of $126, but if you have any respect for yourself whatsoever, you'll glide right on past this one.

[Via The Red Ferret Journal]

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