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Manhunt 2 credits neglect Vienna team


Oops, looks like some people didn't get credit where credit was deserved in the sweeping epic of love, lust, loss, betrayal and murder known as Manhunt 2. Former producer Jurie Horneman writes on his blog that the names of 55 people, who worked on the game at Rockstar Vienna before it was closed in May of 2006, are missing from the game's credits. He lists the names as best he can remember, with the exception of one person who did not wish to be named.

Horneman says, "I am disappointed and outraged that Rockstar Games tries to pretend that Rockstar Vienna and the work we did on Manhunt 2 never happened - the work of over 50 people, who put years of their lives into the project, trying to make the best game they could. I am proud to have been a part of that team." Development teams switch up all the time -- it's a wonder we don't hear about stuff like this more often.

[Via Develop]

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