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Metareview: Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii)


The battle of the fake bands is about to commence, with Activision's instrument protagonist series swinging the first ax. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock seems to have struck a chord with most reviewers, prompting them to praise its track list and resort to awful music puns (see: above) to convey their satisfaction. Boss battles and some strumming sequences raise a few eyebrows, but at least Neversoft manages to handle the third entry in the franchise without drawing out Brett Ratner references. What say you to that, Rock Band?
  • 1UP (90/100): "There's really not a whole lot to 'get' about Guitar Hero, but whatever there is, you absolutely have to get it right. If the song selection stinks, or if the note layouts are boring or don't make musical sense, or if the strum/fret timing is off...then the whole game suffers for it. These are the three critical components, and Neversoft absolutely nailed them. In fact, aside from a few misguided artistic choices and a new 'boss battle' feature, the developer transition would be virtually invisible to anyone who wasn't keeping up with the news. They 'got' Guitar Hero, and they got it good."
  • Games Radar (80/100): "It's hard to argue with Guitar Hero III's place in the series canon. By going real with the songs, next-gen with the graphics and online with the gameplay, it leaves the wishlist relatively barren. At the same time, it's not delivering us much new on the gameplay front, and in fact lags a bit in terms of smart strumming mechanics. Neversoft would do well to remember that the game doesn't play itself, and we need to be challenged/satisfied with how and what we shred."
  • Gamespot (80/100): "Sure, the difficulty can be vexing, but the game never loses that sense of 'just one more song' addictiveness, even at the height of its challenge level. Once you start playing, you'll be hooked for hours at a time, both online and off. It might ultimately just be more Guitar Hero, but that's hardly a bad thing--in fact, it's a great thing."

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