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Mad Alchemists' potion buffs appear on PTR

Dan O'Halloran

Slowly the information about this new item has been trickling, nay bubbling to the surface. First there was the announcement of a new, Alchemist-only potion that, stuff. Then we learned what it does. CM Drysc said it would restore health and mana and add a random elixir buff.

Now, MMO-Champion has a screenshot from a player experimenting with the new potion on the PTR. As Drysc mentioned, each time it proc'd he got one of the following elixir buffs: Major Agility, Fel Strength, and Major Armor (same as Major Defense Elixir.) The tester also mentioned that the proc rate was "quite high."

Personally, I'm not a fan of random buffs. I like to know what I'm going to get so I can plan my strategy around it. What about our Alchemists out there? Is this your cup of tea or another foul brew to be poured down the nearest drain?

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