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Today in Second Life, Friday 2 November, 2007

Tateru Nino
Today in Second Life there was:

Launches never go smoothly, and we've had a bit of a glitch with the Second Life Insider content that we link back to. You see, the RSS feed for SLI was supposed to be redirected over to the Second Life category here on Massively. In a bit of an eleventh hour cock-up, the whole side got redirected back here, breaking the content links we've got back to that site, and comments for posts there and so forth.

The Massively team offers apologies. We're trying to get this fixed up as soon as possible - but it might not be able to be sorted until Monday. We're very sorry for the problem and will restore that site and its content as soon as possible.

[UPDATE: 10:30AM ET - The issue with the broken redirect is sorted out, and older content is now viewable again]

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