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Best Buy fills backordered HD-A2s with HD-A3s

Steven Kim

With the plummeting prices seen over the past week for Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD players, the real winner is consumers. At these prices, it's worth picking one up just for any HD DVD exclusives you're interested in. It's true that supplies were limited and the HD-A2 is a closeout, but it's a great deal still. In the virtual world, shoppers who clicked a little too late at Best Buy's website were issued backorder notices, and rightfully expected Best Buy to fulfill their orders. The discontinued status on the HD-A2 looks like it will result in a double-bonus, though. Customers who got in on the deal late were sent an email from Best Buy informing them that they would be receiving HD-A3s instead of the HD-A2. For those keeping score, this nice bit of customer service nets a $200 discount from MSRP!

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