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General British wants you for a trivia contest

Michael Zenke

To celebrate the successful launch of Tabula Rasa, the folks at NCsoft have set up a surprise in-game event ... for tonight! General British / Richard Garriott will be on-hand for the AFS Sci-Fi Trivia Contest to be held in-game throughout the evening, and across the servers.

The release alerting us to the event included this quote from the man himself: "I wanted to quickly do something fun in-game as a thank you to the players who have made this such a smooth launch. We have continued NCsoft's track record for incredibly successful launches and player interest and excitement is higher than we expected in both North America and Europe. The battlefields are full of players taking down Bane invaders & we're having a blast kicking alien butt."

No word on where in-game you'll be able to play, but one can only assume details will be given out in the public channels. Here are the times for each server:

  • Centaurus 1pm – Central
  • Pegasus – 6pm Central
  • Orion – 8 pm Central
  • Cassiopeia – 9pm Central
Bring your trivia caps and you could find yourself winning some credits. Good luck!

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