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T-minus 2: iPhone UK News Roundup

Nik Fletcher

In the interests of preserving our American readers' sanity (at least until launch day), we're going to condense the U.K.-related iPhone news into a roundup for your reading pleasure.

Apple formally announces 6:02pm launch

Just in case folks were unaware, here's the lowdown from Apple PR. In case you're wondering about how you'll be able to get your hands on one: the iPhone will be available at over 1,300 outlets - Apple Retail Stores, O2 stores and Carphone Warehouse outlets.

Thinking of reselling UK iPhones through eBay?

You'll want to read the Apple iPhone UK & Ireland Listing Policy eBay has localised. In short:

  • "One-day listings and Three-day listings are not allowed.
  • You must offer PayPal as a payment method.
  • New sellers cannot list using the Buy It Now (Fixed Price) option."
Unless people are selling unlocked iPhones via eBay, it's a moot point whether you're likely to make any money: there's going to be plenty of them available at launch.

Newspapers launch iPhone sections

With review units out there, broadsheet newspapers The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Times have revealed sections specifically for the iPhone launch, with an assortment of reviews and videos. Of note, The Times piece on the iPhone is somewhat misleading when it states "in the UK customers will have to pay £269, assuming they do not sign up for a contract at the same time." The iPhone is of course a fixed price, regardless of when you get the contract for it. The Telegraph video also talks about the somewhat un-localised Google Maps icon aimed at 1 Infinite Loop - it's a small thing, but it would sure be good to have a UK-based icon (and UK-style number formatting in the activation screen).

Apple posts Activation Video

Been wondering how activation of the iPhone will work in the UK? (Hint: It's almost identical to the U.S.) Apple has continued their well-rehearsed drip-feed of information with the release of a video showing you exactly how to go about getting your iPhone running, including number transfers from other carriers.

London Calling

If you're heading to the London Regent Street store for your iPhone this Friday, TUAW will be there with a handful of über-exclusive TUAW tees (namely a small, medium and a large) up for grabs that you can't find anywhere else this side of the pond. We'll let you know how to try and claim one nearer the time!

Apple Stores to close at 2pm

If you've got an overwhelming urge to visit an Apple Store on Friday afternoon, you're out of luck: stores are closing from 2pm until 6:02pm to get ready for the launch.

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