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Apple releases iPhone 1.1.2 update

As expected, Apple has finally released its 1.1.2 update for iPhone and, presumably, iPod touch. You can download the ipsw file directly from Apple or upgrade in iTunes. The associated documentation is here.

The clock until a reliable 1.1.2 jailbreak appears begins now. You probably want to wait a bit to upgrade if you've invested time and effort in customizing your 1.1.1 iPhone. At least this time, unlocking does not appear to be a barrier to upgrade--especially if you've used the recent revirginizing and safer unlocking methods.

10:45. My download finally finishes. From what I'm hearing there are no new features other than multilingual support. If you find any, shoot us a tip or a comment.

10:55. My AppSnapped iPhone is upgrading without incident. I do not have an unlocked phone but it was AppSnapped for 3rd party support. Just FYI, I manually downloaded the ipsw zip file, added it to ~/Library/iTunes in the iPhone updates folder. Then I did option-update to select it. So if you're seeing that 1.1.1 is still the current version, you can do your upgrade this way.

11:00 I'm pretty sure that this is the iPod touch 1.1.2 update.

11:05. The new "Connect to iTunes" screen now matches the one from the iPod touch. No pretty Earth picture! I'm now trying to get iTunes to recognize that my iPhone is, you know, attached. It gives me "happy chime" but...then not much. Trying to figure that out now. Oh! Wait! Earth. And waiting for activation. Okay! I'm back in the system and all my contact information is still there. Activated!

I"m looking through the Settings and it all appears to look pretty much like it has always had. I don't really see anything new yet. My International keyboards include English, English (UK)--hah that that isn't the standard "English"--French, German, and Italian.

I'm connected now via iPhuc. I'm jailed again. I can see iPhoneDrive, all my Tap Tap Revolution files, etc. A symbolic link I added before upgrading did not work.

11:10. I look (via iPhuc) at my Ringtones folder. All my normal ringtones are there. I'm going to try to restore the Ringtones.plist file now. Not only does it work but New feature alert. My 4 custom ringtones (1 purchased from iTunes and 3 installed via SendSong) all appear in a separate Custom list. Very nice! I see no reason that this shouldn't work for iToner.

11:15. TUAW Reader AppleTwo asks: "So are your 3rd party apps gone after upgrade, or not?". They are, at this time, gone. However, given that I installed them into /var/root/Applications rather than /Applications, they should still be on the phone, albeit inaccesible.

11:40. The name of the new DMG User Bundle is....Oktoberfest. Perfect for a November release. iPhone users may recall that previous bundles were called Heavenly and Snowbird.

Reader (and former TUAW heavyweight) David Chartier asks: "So where did this download come from?" You can find Apple downloads by issuing curl -s -L | gunzip from the Terminal command-line.

Confirmed: INdependence does not seem to be working. "Unsupported version of phone firmware installed. Detected version is 1.1.2"

Confirmed: Some users have been able to downgrade back to 1.1.1 and 1.0.2.

12:10: Generating header files for the 1.1.2 frameworks now. Like last time, it's a lot of annoying fussy work but the results should be helpful.

12;15: Confirmed. The *#307# trick still works. That's the trick that lets you access Safari from an unactivated iPhone with only emergency dialing capabilities.

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