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CLIQK offers home controlling-iPhones to VIP members

Darren Murph

Controlling your domicile's lighting, temperature, and home theater settings from your cellphone is far from revolutionary, but New York-based CLIQK is implanting the aforementioned abilities onto Apple's iPhone. In an admittedly vague press release, the "digital lifestyle services firm" stated that it was "treating" its VIP members to "specially customized iPhones" which enabled them to access "specialized applications and ringtones that are not available from Apple or to the general public." Quite comically, the firm even noted that it had "unlocked" the true power of the iPhone, and that its tweaked version allowed users to take control of their homes' security, lighting, temperature, shading, and even music from afar. Unfortunately, there's no mention of a price nor requirements for joining this so-called VIP clique (ahem), but hey, wouldn't it be more fun to just create your own home automation app?

[Via I4U News]

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