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Bird Electronics unveils palm-sized DJ5 micro mixer

Darren Murph

For the DJ looking to stuff his / her entire setup into an array of cargo pockets, we've found your mixer of choice. Bird Electronics' DJ5 is the likely successor to the overly simplistic DJ4 that we saw earlier this year, but this beauty packs a bit more functionality into a not-too-much larger package. Set to go on sale next week, the palm-sized unit features a pair of 3.5-millimeter input and output jacks, left / right headphone volume and a slide switch for Line 1 / Line 2 / Mix. Best of all, you can power this thing with just a trio of AA cells, so there's no need to fret if that AC plug is chillin' out on the opposite side of the room. Get set to mix things up real soon for ¥15,000 ($132), and click on through for a few more shots.

[Via Impress]

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