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Hellgate: London, demons in the system


Just a warning to those of you with an active Hellgate: London subscription, or those considering getting one. The moment you unsubscribe to the service, all subscription benefits are terminated instantly -- regardless of how long your subscription was due to last.

The cancellation page warns you this will happen immediately, but it's still annoying those who have encountered it.

As one of our tipsters put it: "so in reality you aren't paying for one month of subscription time, you can't cancel and still play out the month you PAID for, they cut you out at the instant you unsubscribe". That means it's entirely possible to start a monthly subscription one day, unsubscribe the next, 27 days deleted from your account. Is this "fair game" to you, and just count the days manually before you cancel? Or more than a little discourteous? To me, if you pay for a month, you should get a month -- no exceptions.

On the back of the recent billing problems, this doesn't make HG:L the most user-friendly of launches. Or the smoothest.

Has this affected any readers?

[Thanks, RandomEngine & Anonymous!]

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