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Maple Story DS lacks the only feature anyone cares about


We've been waiting so long for information about Maple Story DS that we actually kind of forgot about it (and therefore forgot we were waiting for it). But after remembering that it exists, the same question popped up in our minds that we'd had months ago: is it an MMO? After all, that's the whole point of Maple Story: playing a side-scrolling Wonder Boy-style action-adventure with lots of other people (and hyphens).

But, according to an interview conducted by Gamasutra at the G* event, Maple Story DS, releasing mid-2008 in Korea, is to be a solo experience. "We have some features that support Wi-Fi, but the main focus will be on single player," Nexon's Jamie Kang said. Surprisingly, Nexon is working closely with Nintendo to develop the title. But can Nintendo save a non-online iteration of an MMO? And will anyone outside Korea notice if they do?

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