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Toshiba unveils Japan's "most eco-friendly" super toilet


Apparently you don't have to be a weakly-premised NBC show to go green this week: Toshiba's joining in on the fun with its "industry's most eco-friendly" toilet. Of course, this is Japan, so that means bidet action, and Toshiba's new model can instantaneously heat up water for that purpose, instead of running continuously to keep a stash of water warm. The seat, which is of course heated as well, is also designed to prevent heat loss, and Toshiba claims 55% overall energy savings over competing products. If that wasn't enough, the lid automatically opens and closes when a sensor is tripped, and there's even a remote control so you can do your business touch-free. While we'd applaud Toshiba for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, we're really just too busy being jealous of how awesome Japanese toilets are.

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