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NGamer rounds up first WiiWare titles

We were certain that any Wii-related news this week would be focused on a certain mustachioed galactic explorer, yet much like the time we heralded the Virtual Boy as the "1995 Console of the Year," we've been proven wrong. The folks at NGamer recently wrote up a fascinating comprehensive list of titles that should be coming through the WiiWare service next year.

We can't help but wonder: Will this be a functional service offering legitimate, quality games to Wii owners? Or is it just another channel through which crummy games can pour into the Wii's already murky reservoir of titles? Some games, such as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Little King and The Promised Country and Dr. Mario fill us with unbridled glee. However, we are considerably less excited about Pokemon Ranch Channel, despite its brave new methods of allowing us to show you our pokemans.

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