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Mass Effect love scene now less safe for work [update]

Dan Dormer

Update: Microsoft has asked GameVideos to yank the video. Peepshow's over, folks!

: Unlike the sex scene we linked last week, this one can be described as "not safe for work," "not work safe," "NSFW," "NWS," and "not safe to play around female spouse." Any potential job loss, spouse loss, or sleeping on the couch that you incur from watching this video lies solely on your shoulders. That said, there isn't any Asari nipple to be seen in the video, so this is an FX level skin drama at best.

Said video, containing some (female) Commander Shepherd on Asari action beneath the break. Yeah, we tease like that.

Of course, if you got the game early thanks to another "blue light special," you might have seen the steamy scene already. However, do you know about the dangers of ASD, or Alien Sex Disease? If not, watch this video to get a quick lesson on the dangers of mating with extraterrestrial lifeforms.

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