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/silly: Can't see the forest for the trees

Arthur Orneck

Clicking the above image will reveal the wondrous enigma that is this week's /silly comic. The inspiration for this comic actually came from one of my guild mates, who has a rather neglected level 70 warrior main trying to find her niche in the endgame world. The complaints I have heard about the strong weaknesses of each of the three warrior trees seemed like ripe pickings for a comic, so I went ahead and paraphrased in the most humorous way I could fashion. From a personal standpoint, I can't really take sides on the issue of where warriors stand compared to the other melee classes. It is well established that my main is a retribution paladin, and on top of that my highest level warrior is only level 23, so I am lacking in the experience to speak authoritatively. Deku, the adorable orc featured today, is only just coming to the point where talents factor into the game. Bonus points to those that know where the name came from, by the way.

So I hear there is a patch of some sort today? Did you guys hear anything about that? Man, I wish someone would mention it somewhere...

Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck spends way too much time staring at monitors, whether it is for web development, gaming, or drawing on his tablet PC at odd hours of the morning in order to get this blasted web comic posted on time every Tuesday morning, so that all you fantastic readers have something to stare at while servers are down for maintenance.

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