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Sony Ericsson releasing P5i superphone mid-2008?

Chris Ziegler

Originally rumored for an announcement as early as tomorrow, icaka over on Esato's forums is now reporting that Sony Ericsson's new be-all, end-all superphone -- the so-called P5i -- has been sent back to the shop for retooling and won't make a public debut until May or June of next year. While it could be argued that the P1i is hot (or at least warm) off the factory line, a top-5 phone manufacturer certainly can't rest on its laurels -- and if the listed specs here are even close to accurate, they're staying up on their game: think 2.8 inch VGA display, integrated GPS, WiFi, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, HSUPA (yes, UPA, not DPA), and 128MB of RAM on board. Even better, it'll all be packed into a slim, light slider form factor that allegedly looks something like this concept art. Sounds just a smidge too good to be true, we know. Then again, by the time mid 2008 rolls around, is there any line item here that shouldn't be standard fare on a high end handset? Here's hoping!

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