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AMD launches budget-friendly Radeon HD 3800 cards


They're the ones featuring atrocious fantasy box art which tries to create a link between the cutting-edge graphics card inside and some poorly rendered ice queen, wolf-man and/or wizard grasping a glowing bauble. Alright, so that doesn't narrow it down in the slightest -- you'll have to look out for AMD's new ATI Radeon HD cards by their general model numbers (38XX) and their pleasing price tags ($179 - $219).

Recent tests place the DirectX 10.1-compliant Radeons slightly behind Nvidia's latest budget solution, the GeForce 8800 GT, though they compare favorably with other mid-range cards. Reviewers also seemed to like the series' 55nm chipsets and the resulting reduction in both heat and noise. If you're wondering how well these cards respond to Crysis situations, peer past the break for a comprehensive set of benchmark links.

[Via Engadget]

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