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PS3 turns one year old, outsells Wii in Japan last week


It sure looks like Sony has plenty to celebrate on the PlayStation 3's first birthday today, as the console has not only doubled its sales in the US since that little price cut, but it also apparently outsold the Wii in Japan last week. What's more, it seems that the PS3 actually beat the Wii by a fairly wide margin, selling 55,924 units in the week ending November 11th, as opposed to just 34,546 for the Wii. Of course, those numbers could also have a little something to do with the Wii's short supply, but we don't expect that little detail will put much of a damper on Sony's enthusiasm.

- Sony Computer Entertainment America Celebrates First Birthday of Playstation 3
Read - Joystiq, "PS3 outsold Wii in Japan last week"

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