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The HD Guru lets the numbers do the talking

Steven Kim

Gary Merson, aka HD Guru, teased us a few months back with the initial results from his annual display testing. Those of you wanting to see the numbers generated by his testing can check them out now at the link. The good news is that this year's roundup did pretty well: deinterlacing was handled correctly by 65% of the displays compared to last year's 46%, and the bandwidth test was at least partially passed by every set. Inverse telecine still needs attention, however: 81% of the sets filed the 3:2 pulldown test. Motion resolution results broke down along display technology lines with LCDs putting in the worst showing overall and plasmas producing the highest level of detail. If you check out the list and find your particular set didn't fare so well, don't get discouraged. The HD Guru himself gives some sage advice that we've talked about before: "You should not judge a TV based solely on these tests (or any single aspect of performance)."

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