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CoD4 overtakes Gears of War, Infinity Ward planning update

We like us some Call of Duty 4, and based on Major Nelson's top ten Xbox Live titles for this past week, so do a lot of other gamers. The game placed second in the rankings, right below Halo 3, and right above a certain quartet of steroid infused, uber-masculine gunhavers.

Infinity Ward isn't resting on their digital laurels, it would seem. Though the game has only been out eleven days in the states, they're already talking updates. The biggest change in their first planned update is a fix for the game's often fickle matchmaking and host selection, one of the few black marks against the title. Also, games will no longer end abruptly if the host drops out, and server performance on games with large numbers of players will supposedly improve. You can read the full list of gameplay changes after the jump.

Additions / Features:

  • Added Kill cam to Airstrike bombs and Claymores.
  • Addition of Host Migration so if Host Leaves auto-chooses next best host.
  • Tweaked the following Oldschool Mode settings based on feedback:
    - Added Unlimited Sprint
    - Increased Magazine Size
    - Added Ragdoll Cam
  • Addition of New "N0M4D" Control Scheme.
Optimizations / Tweaks:
  • Identify party by background color (in Lobby).
  • Optimized server selection for first match for better connections.
  • Improved network performance for 18 player games.
  • Optimized 'Chase Cam' when Spectating.
  • Fixed Playlist error when attempting to join from other games.
  • Handle Corrupt Create A Class data instead of kicking player.

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