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Guide to Battleground Daily Quests


I talked about the Battleground Daily Quests in WoW, Casually this week, but I have since found out more information. Here are some need-to-know tidbits about the new BG Daily Quests:

  • You pick up the quests where the Battlemasters are in a major city. The Alliance talk to the Alliance Brigadier General and the Horde talk to the Horde Warbringer.
  • You have to win the Battleground in order to complete the quest. It is not for the collection of marks or completion of any other objective.
  • The Daily Quests are random for each realm. This applies to Regular Dungeon, Heroic Dungeon and Cooking Daily quests as well. So, if the Battleground for the quest is Warsong Gulch on Daggerspine, it does not mean that everyone else in the Battlegroup has the same Daily Quest. [Source: Bornakk]

  • You need The Burning Crusade in order to pick up any of the Daily Quests, even the ones for old world Battlegrounds. [source: Bornakk]
  • You can only get the quest if you are within the appropriate level range for the Battleground that is featured in the current day's quest. So if you are level 19, you can get the Warsong Gulch Daily Quest, but the exclamation point will not show up for you if it is any of the other BGs. Here are the minimum levels for each:
    • Warsong Gulch: 10
    • Arathi Basin: 20
    • Alterac Valley: 51
    • Eye of the Storm: 61
  • You are supposed to get honor, cash and, if you are under max level, experience for completing the Battleground Daily Quests. The quests correctly give cash and experience (my level 19 warrior got 1450 xp), but they may not be properly awarding honor. The honor is being added to the Estimated Honor, but is not showing up in the calculated honor the next day. Some people are also saying that the error is that the quest honor is being added twice into the Estimated Honor. Blizzard says that they are looking into it.
The possible Honor Bug is very troubling. The cash and experience is nice, but to me the honor is the most important for those who are looking to buy the Arena Season 1 gear when it is available.

Have you noticed the Honor Bug? Have you seen any other issues with the Battleground Daily Quests?

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