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Hey Mr. Thompson now in video form


Hey, remember that wacky "Hey Mr. Thompson" song we mentioned a while ago? We posted it as a respite from our constant torrent of timely and poignantly written 360 news. Well, Sarcastic Gamer has created a video now, and we think you should watch it right now. Go ahead, take a break from all this 360 nonsense. Seriously, the video has something for everyone. If your idea of a good time is watching someone in a crazy white wig pretending to be Jack Thompson, then this video is right up your alley. If not ... perhaps you fancy guitar playing men that serenade the camera? The point, if this rambling post has one, is that the video is hilarious, and we all like making fun of Jack Thompson, right? Good, then that's settled. Now, watch and enjoy.

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