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O2 finally getting HTC Kaiser as "Xda Stellar" -- or "Stella" perhaps

Chris Ziegler

Seems like a pretty egregious error on O2's part to throw up a promotional image of its upcoming HTC Kaiser variant with a big, fat typo up top -- but at the same time, we have an easier time believing that they're coining it the "Xda Stellar," not the "Xda Stella." The text below the picture uses the Stellar name, so that's what we're going with for the time being until we hear otherwise. Anyhoo, by all appearances, this is pretty much the same Kaiser everyone else has gotten, and with a projected release window in December, we're a little surprised to see O2 so far behind the curve here. Too little, too late, or is HTC's finest QWERTY device still going to find droves of buyers by the time it finally launches?

[Via MoDaCo and Mobiholics]

Update: O2's already corrected its mistake, it's officially the Xda Stellar. Makes more sense that way, eh? Thanks, Gears!

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