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PSP store now available online via the PC

Jem Alexander

Do you own a PSP but not a PS3? Are you jealous of PS3 owners downloading exclusive PSP content? Well Sony has finally come to your rescue. A PC version of the PlayStation Store is now available for those of you without a PlayStation 3. This store actually includes exclusive content not available on the PS3 store, including full PSP games such as Wipeout Pure and Gangs of London.

The interface is really nice and easy to navigate and for those of you who do have a PS3 you can sign in using your PlayStation Network ID and it will link through to show all your downloaded items. You can also edit your account details, including adding money to your wallet. No doubt this service will continue to evolve over time and we look forward to seeing it do so.

Update: Read the full step-by-step guide to using the Store here.

[Thanks, pecorre!]

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