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Nomura spills info on FF Versus XIII in latest Dengeki

Jem Alexander

The latest issue of popular Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki includes an intriguing interview with Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura. During the interview Nomura lets slip a number of interesting things regarding the development of FF Versus XIII. He mentions seeing an early build of an airship traversing the world map, a feature of the Final Fantasy franchise which we haven't seen since Final Fantasy IX. Nomura feels the game is coming along nicely and it is finally looking like a Final Fantasy.

There's still a long way to go and FFXIII will be ready first, but we're looking forward to seeing more of the game in action. Square Enix will be revealing some footage in December - probably from the closed mega theater at the Tokyo Game Show. Nomura also mentions that during a meeting a programmer for FF Versus XIII asked whether they could program with PS3 exclusivity in mind, to which Nomura replied "Of course, Versus is PS3 exclusive." Just in case you had any doubts.

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