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THQ's Squad Command-themed PSP is sexy, ridiculously limited

Jason Dobson

THQ is excited about its recently shipped Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command for the PSP. How excited? Unphased by the handful of lukewarm reviews, it seems that the company has had crafted a very limited set of Warhammer 40K-themed PSPs to celebrate the game's release. Unfortunately, limited is the name of the game, as THQ has seen fit to have just six of the handhelds forged at the hands of Games Workshop and a squad of professional modelers, making this both one of the rarest game console variants ever created as well as something of a cruel joke.

So far, the fate of only one of these handhelds has been revealed, as it will be given away to one extremely lucky gamer in the UK care of a competition on THQ's website. As to where the other five golden tickets PSPs will end up, it's anyone's guess. We have a call into THQ's US office at the moment, but as their phones just rang off the hook, it's entirely possible that their staff still suffers from a tryptophan-induced stupor.

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