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Love me, marry me?


I'm a big fan of The Crazy, and I like to think the world is a finer place when we're given the opportunity to really experience how it moves through our lives. Case in point: Beijing's Perfect World Network, owners of the Chinese MMO 'Legend of Martial Arts', have announced an event to run for the rest of this year entitled 'Love Me, Marry Me'.

Now, as far as I understand this, Perfect World is talking about an event that's meant to reward cash prizes and publicity to players who have real-life relationships, culminating in a group wedding event at a prestigious hotel. Entrants will be judged on, among other things, 'how well the lovers know each other' and 'a Medieval style mysterious Chateau Party'. Best of all, the press release states '"Love Me, Marry Me" is the largest love-themed event ever held by [Perfect World]', meaning there have been others.

I'm loving this idea, and wish all competing couples the best. I'd like to end this post with something cutting and acerbic, but I just can't; I'm all about the love, baby.


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