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New GTAIV box art video, new trailer dated


No, it's not really a new trailer for GTAIV, but it is new and it is related to GTAIV. The video above showcases what we assume to be an an example of the normal, everyday process of creating box art for video games. This process apparently involves the use of several skilled artists, ladders, scaffolding, a brick wall, and a helluvalotta paint. If box art really takes this much work, it's no wonder so much of it sucks. You'd think they'd just use Photoshop. Oh, and while this isn't really a trailer for GTAIV, the video does mention a new trailer entitled "Move up, ladies," which should debut December 6. Wait a minute ... that's next week! And it's when the Fall Dashboard Update is due! Coincidence? ... Yeah, probably.

[Via Joystiq]

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