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Dreamhack leveling contest

Eliah Hecht

As Massively reported a little while back, Dreamhack, which bills itself as "the world's largest computer festival," will be hosting some pretty awesome WoW contests this year. The party kicked off today in Sweden, and Blizzard Europe recently posted some details on the contest they'll be running. The task is to see how high you can level in 20 minutes, using a new character of any race and any class.

Signups started at the Extreme Masters booth in Hall C at 4:00 PM CET, which was two hours ago (10 AM EST), and will go until 8 PM CET today and tomorrow at times to be announced. Qualifier times and rounds are also TBD, and the finals will be held Saturday from 7 PM to 9 PM CET at the Extreme Masters booth. Is anyone at Dreamhack or going to be attending? Will you compete? Also, if you are at Dreamhack, word on the forums is that both Vaneras and Thundgot are hanging out at the Blizzard/Intel booth in hall C (is this the same as the Extreme Masters booth?), and will be pleased to chat with you.

This is in addition to the 3v3 invite-only Arena matches, but I haven't heard any details about those beyond what's in the Massively article. Notably, the total prize money is $75,000, which is pretty impressive.

Now I can't go off to Sweden to check this out, but the leveling contest did get me to thinking: just how far could I level in 20 minutes? So here's what I propose: let's have our own leveling contest! This will have to be honor-principle, because I can't verify that you didn't have outside help and didn't photoshop your screenshots, but it ought to be good fun anyway. Play for no more than 20 minutes with no outside help, take a screenshot (make sure it includes your /played and level), upload it somewhere, and link it in the (new, improved) comments. Let's set the deadline at one week from today: December 6, at noon EST. Winner gets an official WoW Insider no-prize.

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