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Burnout Paradise: PS3 development makes better 360 game

Nick Doerr

Burnout Paradise is being developed with the PS3 as the lead platform. Nick Channon, brains behind the game, sat down recently and made a few comments about what this means for the 360. As we know, 360 developed games end up with sub-par ports to the PS3 due to the different architectures and whatnot, but what about PS3 developed titles? Channon believes developing games on the PS3 first will actually make an impressive move onto the 360 -- making the game better on the 360 than if developed on the 360 alone. It's less complicated than it sounds.

At least, that's how we'd like to interpret his quote about leading development on PS3: "From our point of view, we've had no issues with dealing with either machine; that's what I mean by that. It seems that some games haven't always transitioned between the two well. From our perspective leading on Playstation3 has meant Xbox 360 has given us a great product." What do you guys think? Is he saying the PS3 will make ports to 360 a lot more successful than vice-versa, or something else?

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