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MMOG Podcast Roundup: Nov. 19 - Nov. 30th

Michael Zenke

Every week, hardworking Massive gaming fans put their voices on the line to bring us news, opinions, and 'critiques' of their favorite games. Podcasts are a staple of many hobbies nowadays, and fans of online worlds are especially fortunate in this regard ... there are a ton out there.

As such, every so often we'll try to update you on the podcasting world. Keep your eyes on this space for links to your favorite MMO-commentary celebs. Good and bad, straight-man or blue-mouthed, they all have something to offer about this amazing style of gameplay.

This week, in addition to the usual podcasterly goodness, I want to highlight impressions from the Final Fantasy XI Fan Fest! Two podcasting giants were there, Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha. Make sure to check out their linkage, along with all the rest of the great audio adventures from the last two weeks.

  • WoW Insider Show: Episode 13. Krystalle, Dan, and Turpster talk about the evolution of WoW to commemorate its 3rd birthday
  • Pet Food Alpha: Episode 75.1. Cheese Sandwich? Please. Plus, Announcements, Merc camp, and the Live Quest all straight from the Fan Fest. Episode 75.2. Discussion of the two new Goddess jobs, plus a chat with some of the folks from FFXIclopedia. Episode 76. Back to the normal routine ... if you call pwning Tiamat normal.
  • Limit Break Radio: Fan Fest Day One Wrapup and Day Two Wrapup. Interviews, impressions, and more, live from the Fan Fest floor.
  • Warhamma the Podcast: Episode 5. Beta updates II and III, along with news from the E for All Expo. Episode 6. Beta update IV, and the tome of knowledge!
  • Warp Drive Activated: Episode 21. EVE passes 200,000 players, ISS And Bob have a falling out, and galactic North goes apecrazy. Gotta love space.
  • Paul's Video Podcasts: November Update. EA Mythic has it's own British person! He speaks in funny tones about Warhammer Online, and offers delightful hyperbolic statements! Seriously, you should check him out.
  • Channel Massive: Episode 18. *Is* PvP essential to the design of an MMOG?
  • Virgin Worlds: Episode 94. Your weekly chunk of Massive news, with a few things from off the beaten path; Ever heard of SpaceTime Studios? They're great folks, go check them out!
  • Legendary Thread: Episode 11/21. The 1up crew returns after an extended break. They're in your Zul'aman, raiding your new content. Just FYI.
  • GuildCast: Episode 86. The Norn! What makes these shapeshifting bear folk so darn loveable? Shawn investigates. Episode 87. A shortish episode, entirely made up of a in interview on the Rawr Cup.
  • TabulaCast: Episode 4. A discussion of the referral program, and new/upcoming patch details.
  • RingCast: Episode 14. The race ... of MAN! Also - A hotornot session with the two steamy protagonists of the LOTR movies.
  • Voyages of Vanguard: Episode 27. Playing catchup with the hosts, and recent events in the Vanguard world.
  • Epic Dolls: Episode 12. Reputation tips, Hunter Hints, and a Lock lesson! Learn, people, it's important! Episode 13. Noob stories, and an Azeroth siteseeing guide.
  • DDOCast: Episode 42. Discussion of the crunch behind the game, and class tips. Episode 43. A breakdown on what went right and wrong with their recent nekkid raiding event. Nekkid == naked for those folks not born in the Southern US.
  • The Instance: Episode 86. Deep satisfaction from Patch 2.3. Episode 87. Satisfaction turns to horror, as bank robberies sweep Azeroth.
  • Online Gamer's Anthology: Episode 6. ZORK! You are almost entirely likely to be ... well, you know.
  • Shut Up We're Talking: Episode 14. Among other topics, Mudflation is bandied about by the blogerati.
  • Game Over: Episode 6. EverQuest on the PlayStation 3? What you say?
  • Star Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and Mr. Bubble: Episode 84. Collecting is on the minds of the two dynamic hosts, as the joys of Chapter 7 spread onward and outward.

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