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PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Aquatopia


What is Aquatopia? We finally had a chance to play last week's Eye download. Of course, using the word "play" might be a stretch. The interactive screensaver takes advantage of the Eye by allowing you to tap on the top of the water. Some fish will follow the motion the camera detects, which is an interesting novelty ... but that's all it is.

Unfortunately, Aquatopia simply doesn't engage enough to warrant a purchase. Yes, it's only $2 -- but that could easily go towards more involving affairs. What Aquavita is sorely missing as a screensaver is the ability to launch when the PS3 is idle, akin to Folding@home. That simple addition might make it far more worthwhile. Forcing the game to launch defeats its "screensaver" purpose.

Visually, Aquatopia is okay. Seeing yourself in the reflection is meant to simulate the feel of looking into glass and it works. With just a little more interactivity, like the ability to drop fish food, we would've enjoyed this experience a lot more. Just pass on this one.


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