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A cheap and colorful way to make your own Zapper

Eric Caoili

If you're anything like us, you have a collection of Lego firearms that're much too finely-crafted to take apart and throw back into their plastic pail homes -- detailed handguns, elaborate sniper rifles, and delicately heavy bazookas, all constructed out of multicolored blocks. Not everyone is as appreciative of these brick-built blasters as we are, so we've kept them hidden from the view of friends, significant others, and future offspring hellbent on breaking all of our cool stuff. Suffice it to say, our Lego guns have been a private pleasure.

NeoGAF forumer Mrklaw has finally given us a reason to bring out those toy cannons from their hiding places under the bed and in the guest bedroom closet, though, with his DIY Zapper. He fashioned the shell after one of Brando's pistols, leaving an opening in the back for the nunchuck to attach and using a "sliding bit of Technic Lego which pulls against the B button" as a trigger. We're planning to adapt one of our own bulky Lego shotguns to house a Wii remote later tonight; it's gonna be off the chain.


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