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A Fantastical Invention from The Nintendo Company


A marvelous band of machinists and engineers have crafted a most peculiar device that they are calling the Nintendo Wii. The larger box emits an eerie hum and a sort of unusual glow when activated, and it creates the most captivating images! Truly, it is as if a match of tennis or tenpins is taking place outside a curious window.

But that is not the most mystifying feature: By manipulating the wand contraption, you are able to compel one of the beguiling puppets in the window to do your bidding! We must now search the local shoppes and emporia for a Wii of our own, though we imagine that something as imbued with wonder as this entertainment engine is a rare delight.

(This steampunk-style Wii is a Photoshop Phriday entry. A similar Wiimote image, as well as a DS, can be found on the same page. Modders, you have your orders.)

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